Production design, art direction, building, buying, standby, model making/fabrication, and whatever else needs to happen in order to get your art department sorted.

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Lyn Bergquist

Lyn’s been living the dream since the seventies and has lost count of how many TVCs he’s art directed but reckons it’s somewhere near 2000. He’s bashed out over a dozen feature films, a shedload of shorts, a bunch of TV, and has even managed to win himself a couple of shiny NZ Film & TV Design awards too.


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Richard Cooke

Richard’s first job on set in the late eighties was to follow an attractive plump cow around a studio, just out of shot and with an oversized bucket in case she had to answer the call of nature. Fortunately she didn’t, and with this Richard’s career was underway.

Not long afterwards he hooked up with The Art Department Ltd and for the next twenty odd years Richard cranked out TVCs with regular abandon. During this time he also worked on various publishing/editing projects including the FiX - a weekly magazine that he both published and edited for 12 years, Rip It Up - a monthly music mag he edited for a couple, and the Big Day Out annual, which he knocked out for 8 or 9.

These days, when not describing himself in the third person, Richard spreads his professional time between writing and art directing.   


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